Welcome to the Kaha Nalu Hawaii community.

Bodysurfing is the art of riding a wave without the assistance of any buoyant device such as a surfboard or bodyboard and is the traditional Hawaiian activity of Kaha Nalu. 

Kaha Nalu Hawaii - a bodysurfing brand that truly represents our passion and drive towards the art of Kaha Nalu and also celebrates our roots of the Hawaiian lifestyle.  We are not only proud that Hawaii is home to some of best bodysurfing on the planet but also the tremendous amount of aloha that our community generates and shares with the world.  With these two factors being our backbone, Kaha Nalu Hawaii will focus on performance and style in our design to create equipment, apparel, and clothing that will be at the forefront of the bodysurfing experience while instilling positivity into your local community and those around you for generations to come.

We have been conducting extensive research and design and on all the products currently on the market and know that we can improve upon them.  The majority of equipment available worldwide is either geared towards surfing and snorkeling, outdated, poor quality and craftsmanship or simply designed by non-bodysurfers.  Our goal is for Kaha Nalu Hawaii to be a complete bodysurfing brand start to finish offering only the finest gear.  We are currently consulting with lead industry designers and the best wave-riders in the world to create a full line of premium bodysurfing-focused products.  Kaha Nalu Hawaii will initiate production on everything from trunks, rashguards, swim fins, to handplanes, wetsuits and clothing.  Simply put, Kaha Nalu Hawaii will create original products to raise your standards in regards to your bodysurfing equipment.